Saturday, 28 May 2011

Maya, Blessed Maya

Maya.  Image from Antaryamin's Blog.

Maya, Blessed Maya
By Muninn's Kiss

Maya, blessed Maya,
I love your sweet kiss.
It may be illusion,
It may be a dream.
It may not be real,
The dreamer or the dream,
But the things that you give me,
Seem sweeter than sweet.
Your energy and actions,
Are mine every day.
Your darkness and stillness,
Are comfort to me.
Your light and your purity,
They seem so divine.
But all is illusion,
All is a dream.
You cover the Divine,
Concealing it's Truth,
Like the darkness of night,
Concealing the sun.
I love you so sweetly,
For you're all I have known,
But all is illusion,
All is a dream.

Worlds Within Worlds

by fenix42 on DeviantArt.

Worlds Within Worlds
By Muninn's Kiss

Worlds within worlds,
Inside and outside,
Above and below,
All around.
Nine worlds upon a tree,
Four worlds above us,
Higher world and underworld,
This world and Otherworld.
Stars and planets above our heads,
Billions and billions,
Billions and billions,
Of worlds.
Worlds down rabbit holes,
Worlds through looking glasses,
Worlds imagined,
Very real.
Worlds in my head,
Worlds within my soul.
Worlds can be prisons,
Worlds can let go.
How dull and how boring,
How drab and how plain,
If I was held captive,
In the world they have made.

That's Just How It Is

Shiva Nataraj
by Pieter Weltevrede.
Image from Sanatan Society.

That's Just How It Is
By Muninn’s Kiss

Hunger and thirst,
Disease and pain,
The poorest of poor,
In the world of the rich.
If God is good,
Why is there pain?
If there is free will,
Who would choose pain?

Is it Mother Nature?
Is it Mother Earth?
Our loving mother,
Creator, destroyer,
Red in tooth,
Red in claw.
Cycles and life,
One dies, one lives,
One starves, one gorges,
One suffers and dies,
So another can thrive.
Cycles and death,
That's just how it is.

Is it the Fall?
The sin of Adam and Eve?
A curse on him to toil,
A curse on her to labour.
The land cursed,
The world cursed,
Death and suffering.
In this world you will suffer,
Promised from loving lips.
That's just how it is.

Is it attachment?
Is it desire?
We hold on so tight,
We long for and fight.
To let go and take it,
To give up the fight.
If we don't long for food,
Hunger is gone.

Is it karma?
Did we do this to ourselves?
The evil we do,
Is the evil we get.
The suffering we caused,
In that life back then,
Comes back to us now,
There is no escape.

Is it the Wyrd?
Is it just Fate?
Everything that happens,
There is not any choice.
How do we fight it?
How do we try?
That's just how it is,
There is no escape.

I don't have an answer,
I don't know the cause.
But surrender goes nowhere,
And traps us for good.
So raise up your banner,
Raise up your sword.
Let's go make a difference,
Let's try to improve.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Mighty Warrior

Image by Luis Royo

Mighty Warrior
By Muninn's Kiss

I raise my sword above my head,
And show my mighty strength.
My slight body wire thin,
No muscles for to show.

Upon my arms the elegant blades,
I spread my arms for flight.
The wings they come upon my back,
Like two huge raven wings.

Do I fight, my sword in hand,
Upon the battle field?
Or do I fly, great wings spread,
To fight again some day?

But here I stand unsure of myself,
Not ready to fight or fly.
The mighty warrior lost in thought,
Unsure what she should do.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Fight or Flight

Image by Luis Royo
Fight or Flight
By Muninn's Kiss

There she sits,
Upon the floor,
A child,
A girl,
For them to tell her,
Do this,
Do that,
She can't say no.

There she sits,
Behind the child,
A woman,
A warrior,
Black wings,
Silver sword,
Behind the girl,
Afraid to fly away,
Afraid to fight,
She can't say no.

There she sits,
My child self,

There she sits,
My warrior self,

The warrior rises,
War goddess,
Wings spread,
Sword raised.

To fly or to fight?
To fight or to fly?
To lift the child to safety?
To stand in front and protect?
Either way,
Any way,
Is better than cowering,
Is better than hiding.

I rise.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Mari’s Face

Full Moon Through Clouds

Mari’s Face
By Muninn’s Kiss

Wispy clouds stretch across the face,
Of the moon, full and bright,
Glowing through the wispy clouds,
White light lighting up the night.

Mari’s face shining down,
The full moon of her full strength,
Great mother nourishing me,
The tides high reaching for land.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Child for Which She Had Yearned

Image from the Fertility Advocate.

The Child for Which She Had Yearned
By Muninn’s Kiss

There she sat,
Beneath the tree,
Reading from a book.

The wind in her hair,
That made the leaves dance,
Was the only sound she could hear.

She turned a page,
Intent in the words,
And the pictures that danced in her head.

Then up she jumped,
Dropping her book,
Her hair standing up in fright.

A small bird,
Had flown by her ear,
The frightened her half to death!

Six months later,
Her daughter was born,
The child for which she had yearned.

But as it appeared,
The doctor took fright,
And fainted both then and there.

For what had he seen,
When the baby was born,
But a wing where her arm should have been!

Hole in the Sky

Hole in the Sky
By Muninn’s Kiss

There's a hole in the sky,
Where light shines in.
Dark and hollow.

If you stare at the centre,
You see right through,
To other worlds,
To heaven, to hell.

All around the hole,
The light defuses.
Rays of sunlight,
Light is spread.

Apollo and Sol,
Ra and Helios.
Surya and Horus,
Tonatiuh and Amaterasu.

The hole has substance,
The hole gives heat.
Great fire of sky,
Our local star.


Image from À Sombra do Freixo
(In the Shadow of Ash) blog

By Muninn's Kiss

I desire you, oh Great Goddess,
Mother of all there is.
I desire you, oh Quakoralina,
Black Virgin of Outer Space.

My heart cries out, my soul cries out,
My longing is all for you.
Toward you is all I am,
You who walks amongst the stars.

I desire to desire,
I long to long,
I lust to lust,
All for you, oh Sugmad.

All I am is burnt away,
All I am is blown away,
All I am is washed away,
All I am crumbs away.

And Desire is all that’s left.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Infant Stars in the
Small Magellanic Cloud
taken with Hubble.

By Muninn’s Kiss

Stardrenched and stardazed,
Starswept and stargazed,
Mad poets and mad priests,
Madness of the gods,
Madness of the stars.
Swept away by visions and dreams,
Swept away by madness and stars.

The robes of the Star Goddess,
Full of stars.
Her train fills the temple,
My heart and soul her temple,
Vast space her temple.
All the worlds, all the stars.
Nuit's body, covered in stars.
The Milky Way, pouring forth from her breasts,
A thousand fires, a thousand suns.

A thousand suns, burning bright,
A thousand fires light the night.
Heat that warms the coldest day,
The summer blaze, the winter's thaw.
One day star burning bright,
Life and heat, light and soul.
A thousand suns rise at night,
Fire burning, solar wind.

Solar wind and stellar breeze,
Blowing through the vaults of space.
Winds of movement, winds of change,
Chronus coils, Ananke's trains.
The wind in my heart,
The breath of God,
Breathed into a body of dust.

Body of dust,
Earth dust,
Star dust.
What am I but star dust?
The dust of stars,
The magic of stars.
The insignificance of dust,
The magisty of the stars.
Breath and dust,
Dust and water.

The great sea beyond our world,
Greatest ocean of all time,
The stars are islands in this sea,
The winds are currents flowing strong.
Great sea of space, the yawning mou,
Great womb of life of God Herself.

Stardrenched and stardazed,
Starswept and stargazed,
Mad poets and mad priests,
Madness of the gods,
Madness of the stars.
Swept away by visions and dreams,
Swept away by madness and stars.

Black Heart

And a Little Child Shall Lead Them
by  Charles Christian Nahl.
Image from 1st-Art-Gallery.

Black Heart
By Muninn’s Kiss

The wolf will live with the lamb,
the leopard will lie down with the goat,
the calf and the lion and the yearling a together;
and a little child will lead them.
~Isaiah 11:6 NIV

Black Heart,
Shining in the darkness.
Black Heart.
Black Heart of Innocence.

The wolf stalks her prey,
Slowly walking,
Slowly slaking,
Closing in,
Down in comes.
Black Heart.

The mouse trembles,
Staying still,
Don’t see me,
Walk on by.
It’s slowing,
The mouse tenses.
It turns,
Black Heart.

Little child sits,
Crayon in hand,
Paper before him.
He pauses,
He smiles,
He begins.
Crayon on paper,
Bright colours,
He draws the truth,
Truer than what he sees with his eyes.
The world within.
Black Heart.

Nimue stands,
Watching over them all.
She smiles,
They are hers,
Her people,
Her children.
Their innocence in hers,
Death and life,
Black Heart.

Black Heart,
Shining in the darkness.
Black Heart.
Black Heart of Innocence.

Monday, 9 May 2011

The Children of My Soul

Drawing of Saint Zita,
a servant who lived
the Rule of 1221.
Image from

The Children of My Soul
By Muninn's Kiss

I am a mother,
Though my womb has born no child.
The ones I help,
The helpless ones,
Are the children of my soul.

I am a mother,
Though my womb has born no child.
The ones I teach,
The seeking ones,
Are the children of my soul.

I am a mother,
Though my womb has born no child.
The ones I heal,
The sickly ones,
Are the children of my soul.

I am a mother,
Though my womb has born no child.
The ones I feed,
The hungry ones,
Are the children of my soul.

I am a mother,
Though my womb has born no child.
The ones I free,
The hopeful ones,
Are the children of my soul.

I am a mother,
Though my womb has born no child.
The ones I bless,
The hurting ones,
Are the children of my soul.

I am a mother,
Though my womb has born no child.
The ones I comfort,
The fearful ones,
Are the children of my soul.

From Her Mother's Sacred Skirts

Birth of Stars
(NASA, Chandra, 10/7/08)
Image from NASA's Marshall
Space Flight Center Flickr page

From Her Mother's Sacred Skirts
By Muninn's Kiss

There she stands,
In the midst of Space,
God Herself is here.
Great Mother of all,
The sacred Womb,
From whom we all have come.
Robes of Darkness,
Deepest Night,
All stars shine from it.
A thousand suns,
A million lights,
Upon Her sacred skirts.
In Her Pleasure,
Life conceived,
A child is born today.
A baby girl,
A wild one,
Young Nimue coming forth.
In the midst,
Of darkest Night,
A little girl comes forth.
Nimue's seen,
Beneath the skirts,
Peaking out at us.
Slowly stepping,
Out to us,
From her Mother's sacred skirts.

Friday, 6 May 2011

May’s First Crescent

Priestess card in
The Alchemical Tarot

May’s First Crescent
By Muninn’s Kiss

A clouded sky, a shadowed night,
With springtime in the air.
Through the clouds, the crescent peeks,
A sliver in the sky.

Nimue’s seen, beneath the skirts,
Peeking out at us.
Slowly stepping, out to us,
From her Mother’s sacred skirts.

Selene’s crown, the priestess card,
A crown upon her head.
A crescent moon, just a peek,
Hanging in the sky.

Horns up turned, through the clouds,
Her light it lights them up.
A gentle glow, an eerie light,
Upon the darkened clouds.

The moon reborn, Celeste raised,
From the Dark Moon’s silent grave.
Luna grows, from new to full,
A sliver now we see.

Isis stands, before us now,
Rising with the moon.
A crescent moon, upon her brow,
The new born baby in her lap.

Spring has come, the fresh moon too,
New life comes to us.
Growing forth, from Winter’s grasp,
Like the crescent moon above.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Spring Has Come

Spring Has Come
By Muninn's Kiss

The land is waking up.
Winter has lost its sting.
The Winter King is in the grave,
And the Summer King has risen.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Muninn’s Laughter, Muninn Slaughter

Image by brainleakage
on  DeviantArt

Muninn’s Laughter, Muninn Slaughter
By Muninn’s Kiss

Muninn’s laughter,
Muninn slaughter,
Across the battlefield.

I hear the call,
It sounds like laughter,
Laughing at the dead.

Odin rides,
Above the battle,
Looking for the dead.

Eight legs spinning,
Horse or tree,
Before the Wild Hunt.

Freyja rides,
Amongst the dead,
Her cats they pull before.

The valkyries prowl,
Amongst the slain,
And divide then for the gods.

Muninn laughs,
And Huginn cackles,
For today the feast is large.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Three Figures Stand in Silence

Image by FroweMinahild
on DeviantArt

Three Figures Stand in Silence
By Muninn’s Kiss

Three figures stand in silence,
Looking out to space.
Their hoods hide them from me,
But I’m naked before their eyes.

The Moirae in their white robes,
Cold and uncaring.
They stand and speak the future,
And I am bound by them.

Erinyes draped in serpents,
Blood dripping from their eyes.
Their fury flows out toward me,
I bow before their wrath.

The three Laimas stand before me,
My life is in their hands.
They speak what will happen,
And I listen to their will.

The Norns draw forth water,
And pour it on the roots.
They weave the weird around me,
They pull me where I go.

Fate she stands before me,
She holds me in her hands,
I move to overcome her,
And find the one true Graal.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Snows of Winter, Heat of Summer

Image from SodaHead

Snows of Winter, Heat of Summer
By Muninn’s Kiss

Snows of Winter, heat of Summer,
Two times, two worlds.
The Twins, they dance.

Winter King, in darkness reigns,
Death and darkness, ice and cold.
A crown of thorns upon his head,
Clothed in shadows, hidden light.
Magic dark and waning sun.
Tettens, Woden, Hermes stalks,
From the Castle of Weeping comes.

Summer King in brightness reigns,
Life, rebirth, light, and heat.
Winged crown, light rebounds,
Clothed in fire, born in light.
The sun it rises, warms the land.
A Child is born to warm our hearts.
Lucet, Lucifer, Morning Star,
Riding forth on wings of the morning.

The Twins, they dance,
The passing year.
Light, then dark, then light again.
Two Kings reign, both to die,
Two grooms for oh blessed Night.
Life and Death, Light and Dark,
Ever changing, ever the same.
Snows of Winter melt and thaw.
Heat of Summer takes their place.
Out of darkness shines the brightest light.

An Eternal Knot

Image from Celtic Gardens

An Eternal Knot
By Muninn's Kiss

What’s distance to a soul?
What’s time, what’s space?
A thousand life times, a thousand miles,
  A second, an inch.
    Two souls connected,
      Never separated,
        Reaching through time,
          Reaching through space.
A touch, a brush, a whisper,
  A thin thread,
    Shorter than an atom,
      Longer than all time.
Two souls,
  Knitted together,
    An eternal knot.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sophia Stood in Darkness

Image from SophiaYun's In
Everything is Possible blog

Sophia Stood in Darkness
By Muninn's Kiss

“I was formed long ages ago, 
  at the very beginning, when the world came to be. 
When there were no watery depths, I was given birth, 
   when there were no springs overflowing with water; 
before the mountains were settled in place, 
   before the hills, I was given birth”
Proverbs 8:23-25

Sophia stood in darkness,
Her voice rang out to me.
I walked with her in darkness,
Her arm was around me.
She placed her feet before us,
Each step brought light to me.
Creation formed behind us,
With each step the world was made.
Her tears flowed down around me,
They washed me in their light.
Her sorrow raw before me,
I want to dry them with a kiss.
Her beauty ever flowing,
From deep within her breast.
She cannot see that beauty,
But it’s there for all to see.
We stop when we have made it,
We turn to see what came before.
Creation stretches behind us,
For in the journey, the world is made.