Saturday 28 May 2011

Maya, Blessed Maya

Maya.  Image from Antaryamin's Blog.

Maya, Blessed Maya
By Muninn's Kiss

Maya, blessed Maya,
I love your sweet kiss.
It may be illusion,
It may be a dream.
It may not be real,
The dreamer or the dream,
But the things that you give me,
Seem sweeter than sweet.
Your energy and actions,
Are mine every day.
Your darkness and stillness,
Are comfort to me.
Your light and your purity,
They seem so divine.
But all is illusion,
All is a dream.
You cover the Divine,
Concealing it's Truth,
Like the darkness of night,
Concealing the sun.
I love you so sweetly,
For you're all I have known,
But all is illusion,
All is a dream.

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