Tuesday 21 June 2011

All Hail the Summer King

Title page for The Boy's
King Arthur.  Image from
Wikimedia Commons.

All Hail the Summer King
By Muninn’s Kiss

All hail the Summer King!
For now he reigns supreme!
Dark has failed and light has won,
And now it begins again.

All hail the Summer King!
For now he reigns supreme!
His brother’s dead, off with his head,
His blood runs down the streets.

All hail the Summer King!
For now he reigns supreme!
The fires burn, the waters flow,
And all is as it seems.

All hail the Summer King!
For now he reigns supreme!
Upon his throne, with his lovely bride,
Good cheer he spreads around.

All hail the Summer King!
For now he reigns supreme!
But darkness grows, and Winter comes,
And soon his time will come.

Sunday 19 June 2011

To Dance, To Play, To Run a Muck

Image from Nine Planets.

To Dance, To Play, To Run a Muck
By Muninn's Kiss

Moni, Moon, Luna, Lunatic,
Pulling on the tides.
Oceans move, blood moves,
Pulling on the tides.

Selene, Selenium, Diana, Butcher,
Pulling on our moods.
Werewolf, Pentheus, Wild, Mooncrazed,
Pulling on our moods.

Full Moon, shining bright,
The pull is very strong.
To dance, to play, to run a muck,
The pull is very strong.

Sunday 12 June 2011

Oil of Nimue

Oil of Nimue
Ritual Poem by Muninn's Kiss

Oh sweet darling,
Girl full of power and might.
The pool of your blessing fills me,
The water pours out upon my head.
Your blessing, your loa, flows like water,
Covering me in your presence.
As I hold my hands over this oil, pour through me,
Fill this oil with your blessing, be present in it.
Oh sweet Nimue, so mote it be.

Thursday 9 June 2011

The Ancient One, Forever Young

Image from Wikipedia.

The Ancient One, Forever Young
By Muninn’s Kiss

I see him dancing, pipe in hand,
Joyful, erotic, fun, and planned.
Dance of creation, dance of lust,
Dance of seduction, dance of fun.

Through the dales and over the hills,
Hoofs are prancing, music plays.
Lord of shepherds, lord of herds,
Of crops that grow and the life they bring.

Who gave a gift to the Huntress,
The Mistress of the Wild Hunt?
Who gave to fair Artemis and Diana brave,
Those snarling hunting dogs who hunt the mortals down?

Who won the battle for all the world,
For the new gods to triumph over the old?
Who inspired fear and inspired doubt,
In the Titans who loomed about it all?

Who ran and jumped and danced,
Across those forgotten hills?
Who brought the news to the thunder good,
Of the cave where Demeter hid?

Who thought to teach great Apollo,
The strange ways prophecy?
Who's oracle stood in Arcadia,
Long before Apollo's famed Delphi?

The ancient one, as old as the hills,
Who danced before an eternal fire.
Forever young, fairest of fair,
Goat horns on his head.

Salutations to the Sun

Sunset over Laramie, WY

Salutations to the Sun
By Muninn’s Kiss

Salutations to the sun,
Burning brightly now.
Ball of white with yellow flame,
Going now to bed.

Shadows form as she goes down,
Down to her nightly bed.
A sky still lit in orange and blue,
As the land below goes dark.

Shining bright there on the edge,
In this time that's between time.
Night she comes and Day she leaves,
And Twilight rules the sky.

Thursday 2 June 2011

The Guardian of the Gates

The Guardian of the Gates#1
by Storm Faerywolf, from his site.

The Guardian of the Gates
By Muninn’s Kiss
Inspired by my post here.

A rainbow Bridge, across the sky,
From Asgard to Midgard below.
The Bifröst burns and shines above,
Connecting gods and man.

Da’ath does sit in the midst,
Of the dark, deep, gaping Abyss.
A glimpse of what is far beyond,
A trap to lose your mind.

A Priestess stands in the midst,
Of the circle, compass, round.
She makes a way to the Divine,
And Bridges the widened gap.

A Priest does stand at the fore,
Of the longing, craving crowds.
He raises his hands, the knife comes down,
And a way is born.

A Shaman dances in the midst,
Of his village looking on.
Ecstasy comes and with it gods,
And greater deeds are done.

A Witch is one, the Priest, the Bridge,
The circle and the point.
Human, Divine, Fey, and Witch,
The Guardian of the Gates.

Star of Evening, Star of Morning

Phosphorus and Hesperus 1881,
hanging in The De Morgan
Foundation in London.
Image from The Haunted Lamp blog.

Star of Evening, Star of Morning
By Muninn’s Kiss

Two twins born of the god of stars,
And the lady of the Dawn.
One is first, one is last,
But both of them are one.
Light-bringer and Night-bringer,
Morning and Evening.
Two brother courting,
The mother of all.

Eosphorus, Phosphorus,
Shining and winged.
Bringer of Dawn,
Bringer of Light.
Eos he calls, fair Aurora,
The first born does rise,
Fair Lucifer.

Hesperus, Hesper,
Vesperus, Vesper.
Great star of Death,
Bringer of Night.
Nyx goes before him,
Selene right behind.
The dark twin he is,
Cold Nocifer.

Lucifer and Nocifer,
Phosphorus and Vesper.
Both twins are courting,
The fair crescent moon.
Whichever does catch her,
Will make her with child.
The full moon will rise,
Pregnant and full.