Saturday 14 May 2011

The Child for Which She Had Yearned

Image from the Fertility Advocate.

The Child for Which She Had Yearned
By Muninn’s Kiss

There she sat,
Beneath the tree,
Reading from a book.

The wind in her hair,
That made the leaves dance,
Was the only sound she could hear.

She turned a page,
Intent in the words,
And the pictures that danced in her head.

Then up she jumped,
Dropping her book,
Her hair standing up in fright.

A small bird,
Had flown by her ear,
The frightened her half to death!

Six months later,
Her daughter was born,
The child for which she had yearned.

But as it appeared,
The doctor took fright,
And fainted both then and there.

For what had he seen,
When the baby was born,
But a wing where her arm should have been!


  1. I luv fairy tales and u wrote one!

  2. @POETSorg on Twitter posted some Friday the 13th superstition poetry prompts yesterday. One of them was about if a pregnant woman is scared by a bird, the baby will be born with a wing instead of an arm. I liked that one, so i wrote a poem about it. I think it turned out very good. *proud smile*

    ~Muninn's Kiss