Saturday 28 May 2011

That's Just How It Is

Shiva Nataraj
by Pieter Weltevrede.
Image from Sanatan Society.

That's Just How It Is
By Muninn’s Kiss

Hunger and thirst,
Disease and pain,
The poorest of poor,
In the world of the rich.
If God is good,
Why is there pain?
If there is free will,
Who would choose pain?

Is it Mother Nature?
Is it Mother Earth?
Our loving mother,
Creator, destroyer,
Red in tooth,
Red in claw.
Cycles and life,
One dies, one lives,
One starves, one gorges,
One suffers and dies,
So another can thrive.
Cycles and death,
That's just how it is.

Is it the Fall?
The sin of Adam and Eve?
A curse on him to toil,
A curse on her to labour.
The land cursed,
The world cursed,
Death and suffering.
In this world you will suffer,
Promised from loving lips.
That's just how it is.

Is it attachment?
Is it desire?
We hold on so tight,
We long for and fight.
To let go and take it,
To give up the fight.
If we don't long for food,
Hunger is gone.

Is it karma?
Did we do this to ourselves?
The evil we do,
Is the evil we get.
The suffering we caused,
In that life back then,
Comes back to us now,
There is no escape.

Is it the Wyrd?
Is it just Fate?
Everything that happens,
There is not any choice.
How do we fight it?
How do we try?
That's just how it is,
There is no escape.

I don't have an answer,
I don't know the cause.
But surrender goes nowhere,
And traps us for good.
So raise up your banner,
Raise up your sword.
Let's go make a difference,
Let's try to improve.

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