Saturday 30 April 2011

I Turn

Image from A Charmed Life blog

I Turn
By Muninn's Kiss

Celeste, Selene, Luna.
Moonlight on water, wind across the waves,
Night’s sweet embrace.
I rise from the water,
Dripping, flowing, down my naked back.
Cold wind, I shiver, exposed but free.
Moonlight on water drops, my skin pale.
Peaceful night, silent, alone.
Not alone.
Eyes on me.
I turn.

The Night Devours You

Image from pxleyes Greek
Gods Photoshop Contest
The Night Devours You
By Muninn's Kiss

Inspired by the words of an amazing girl, including some of hers

Look to the sky,
Feel the Night's presence.
Night's embrace,
The arms of Darkness hold you.
The Night envelops you,
It is hungry,
The Night devours you.
Lost in it.

As you are consumed,
You consume.
As the night devours you,
You devour.
Consumed becomes consumer,
Devouring yourself, one with yourself.
The Night and you are one.

Standing in the Void of Space,
But not alone.
You are Night,
You are God Herself,
Nuit, full of stars.
Complete in yourself,
Eternally satisfied.

The Mirror before you,
Yourself, looking at yourself,
In the Dark Mirror,
The curve of space.
Complete and alone,
Not alone.

You step towards.
She steps towards.
Night sees Night,
She is you.
You are Night.
She is Night.

Love, ecstasy.
Coupling, self with self.

Worlds spin away,
Creation begins.
Light out of Darkness.
Let there be light.
Shaking from passion.
Vibrations between atoms.
Night, proton.
Electron and neutron,
Twins, Divine Twins.
Big Bang, Big Orgasm.
Stars, the substance of stars.
Every man and woman is a star.

When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.

Friday 29 April 2011

The Mirrors in Her Eyes

Image from the Rainbow Babies
The Mirrors in Her Eyes
By Muninn's Kiss

God Herself, looking in the Mirror,
Mari our Mother, looking back at Her.
First love, first lust, creation in a smile.
The dance, the courtship, the embrace.
I watch it in my mind’s eye, from without, from within.
I feel the rush, the mighty rush, I feel the heat.
Desire, passion, all there is and all there will be.
I look out through Mari’s eyes,
I look deep into Her eyes.
And in those mirrors, I see myself.

Thursday 28 April 2011


Image from We Heart You

By Muninn's Kiss

She sits by the water
So innocent, so beautiful
He hair cropped short
Her dress dirty, covered in dust
She smiles at me
So sweetly, so happy
She rises and I kneel before her
Not much taller than I am on my knees
Her hands are behind her back
She has something, hidden
Her smile brightens
So radiant, so pretty
She leans over me
And places the crown of healing upon my brow


Image from Care2

By Muninn's Kiss

I hear Her pulse in the rumbling of the earth.
I hear Her breath in the sun flare rising toward the Earth.
Her pulse echoes in mine, Her breath fills me, brings me to life.
The power that shakes the earth sustains me.
The power that powers the sun gives me life.
She flows in me, I flow in Her.
I’m an echo of Her.

Faeried Soul

Image from Super Eco

Faeried Soul
By Muninn's Kiss

Faeried soul and blighted days
Sorrow, suffering, joy, and pain
Things seem hard and things seem strange
Where is peace and where is power?
Growing ever worse it seems
In a world of steel and glass
With no sign of nature fair
Seek the way to align the soul
Power flowing through our veins
Reaching up and reaching down
The power comes from all around
In the centre here I stand
Faeried soul and God's own hand

Wednesday 27 April 2011


Image from Fine Art America

(Poem published in Issue 16 of Witcheye)

By Muninn's Kiss

What is Fetch?
What is Instinct?
Need, desire, want.
To eat, to sleep, to drink, to dance.
To protect, to run, to hide, to fight.
Sex, Self, Passion, Pride, Power.
To create, to destroy.

What is Fetch?
What is Memory?
Past, future, now.
What was known before it was lost.
What will be learned again.
Connections, links, guesses.
The womb.

What is Fetch?
What is Belief?
Unconscious, not logical, faith.
Love, hate, desire, repulsion.
We know but we don’t know.
What do we know?

What is Fetch?
What is Victory?
Overcoming, conquering, destroying.
Emotions, strong and weak.
Masculine, warrior, fighting.
Protecting, defending, overcoming.

What is Fetch?
What is Glory?
Embracing, surrendering, comforting.
Rational, understanding.
Feminine, lover, loving.
Overcoming by embracing.
Nurturing, mother, child.

What is Fetch?
What is Foundation?
Sex, sexual, release.
Union, giving, receiving.
Masculine, feminine, together.
One, at one, united.
To fix, to establish, to lay a foundation.
To begin, to appoint, to ordain, to constitute.
To support oneself, to lean, to rest on one's arm.
Heaven and earth, crown and kingdom.
One, at one, united.

What is Fetch?
What is Sex?
Power flowing, always changing.
Union, coming together.
Two become one, one is found in two.
Giving and receiving, receiving and giving.

What is Fetch?
What is Self?
Looking inward.
Loving who you are.
Standing firm, standing tall.
Self-contained, self-constrained.
Who am I?
Who are you?

What is Fetch?
What is Passion?
What you love, what you do.
Giving all to what you love.
Emotions, feelings, strong and weak.
Embrace your feelings, embrace your loves.

What is Fetch?
What is Pride?
Confidence, strengths and weaknesses.
Standing tall, standing firm.
Inner strength.
I know who I am.
I know my value.
I am valuable.
You are valuable.

What is Fetch?
What is Power?
Energy pulsing, ever pulsing.
Change, power to change, power to be changed.
Be the change, be changed.
Power flowing, ever changing.
Be the change you want to see in the world.

What is Fetch?

What is Fetch?

Tuesday 26 April 2011


Image from My Year Book

By Muninn's Kiss

Fetch is a cat.
Independent, comfort loving, needy.

Fetch is a raven.
Wise, trickster, loves shiny things.

Fetch is a mouse.
Hungry, afraid, seeking.

Fetch is a dolphin.
Smart, fun loving, caring.

Fetch is a dog.
Loyal, loving, playful.

Fetch is a dragon.
Strong, dangerous, hoarding.

Fetch is me.
Obsessive, focused, relaxed.

I am the Dance

Image from NYU Steinhardt

I am the Dance
By Muninn’s Kiss

Around I spin, each drum beat comes,
The music’s in the air.
My heart beats hard, the sweat runs down,
The room feels hot and clear.
Once to the left, then to the right,
Then backwards I must go.
I step forward, I spin around,
I raise arms in the air.
Faster I spin, faster I step,
The movement fills my soul.
I am the air, I am the sound,
And more I am the Dance.