Sunday 30 December 2012

Kiss of Darkness, Kiss of Light

Kiss of Darkness, Kiss of Light
By Muninn's Kiss

Kiss of darkness, kiss of light,
Kiss of coldness, kiss of heat,
Kiss of dreaming, kiss of stars,
Kiss most innocent, at the heart.

Kiss of secrets, kiss of ways,
Kiss of lost things, kiss burned away,
Kiss so deep, kiss so bright,
Kiss most intimate, at my core.

Kiss of beginnings, kiss of all ways,
Kiss most storming, kiss of change,
Kiss to remember, kiss of Fate,
Kiss most knowing, all I know.

Kiss of dawn, red rimmed with pink,
Kiss of sunlight, as west meets east,
New beginnings, and magic spawned,
Kiss of awakening, by dawn's early light.

Kiss of noonday, of brightest light,
Kiss of sunlight, across the land,
At fulfillment, and solar heat,
Kiss of wakefulness, by noon's bright light.

Kiss of dusk, violet rimmed red,
Kiss of starlight, as the sun sets,
Time of fading, but secrets wake,
Kiss of changes, by dusk's last flame.

Kiss of midnight, of blackest night,
Kiss of moonlight, in heart of night,
Time for witching, and power strong,
Kiss of magic, by night's dark cloak.

Kiss of power, kiss of strength,
Kiss of secrets, kiss of lies,
Kiss of wisdom, kiss of truth,
Kiss me now, time between times.

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