Sunday 16 December 2012

The Sagebrush Moon

The Sagebrush Moon
By Muninn's Kiss (2012-09-04)

As the yarrow fades, and sagebrush blooms,
Across the rolling plains,

And the Yarrow Moon, is set and long gone,
The Sagebrush Moon has come,

And the timbre loud, of the koonj's call,
Echoes down from above,

The maiden so fair, with her golden hair,
Bright shining as the sun,

Golden ear of grain, that star burning bright,
Bright sage that fills the night,

The sagebrush which stands, upon the wide plains,
Guardian of the plains,

It perks up its head, shows a golden main,
It blooms across the plains,

As temperatures drop, and summertime falls,
And summer fades so fast,

And the Sagebrush Moon, with its middle blue,
Calls Autumn to the fore.

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