Sunday 16 December 2012

Beneath a Bright Blue Moon I Sit

Beneath a Bright Blue Moon I Sit
By Muninn's Kiss (2012-09-01)

Beneath a bright blue moon I sit,
Upon the cold stone ground,
Bright white light from up above,
Two that now are as one,
Shining down she lights my world,
The stone and dirt and plants,
A single light that's burning bright,
That blots on out the stars.

Far below in a well of black,
Two lights shining bright,
Two lights dance in darkest night,
Beneath the cold cold ground,
Shining up they meet her light,
These Twins that dance and play,
What's one above is two below,
And ever more shall be.

In between on solid ground,
I sit and watch the light,
The two below the one above,
That lights the darkest night,
The two they dance beneath the ground,
The serpent in the well,
The one looks down at sleeping earth,
Her belly full with them.

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