Thursday 2 June 2011

The Guardian of the Gates

The Guardian of the Gates#1
by Storm Faerywolf, from his site.

The Guardian of the Gates
By Muninn’s Kiss
Inspired by my post here.

A rainbow Bridge, across the sky,
From Asgard to Midgard below.
The Bifröst burns and shines above,
Connecting gods and man.

Da’ath does sit in the midst,
Of the dark, deep, gaping Abyss.
A glimpse of what is far beyond,
A trap to lose your mind.

A Priestess stands in the midst,
Of the circle, compass, round.
She makes a way to the Divine,
And Bridges the widened gap.

A Priest does stand at the fore,
Of the longing, craving crowds.
He raises his hands, the knife comes down,
And a way is born.

A Shaman dances in the midst,
Of his village looking on.
Ecstasy comes and with it gods,
And greater deeds are done.

A Witch is one, the Priest, the Bridge,
The circle and the point.
Human, Divine, Fey, and Witch,
The Guardian of the Gates.

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