Thursday 9 June 2011

The Ancient One, Forever Young

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The Ancient One, Forever Young
By Muninn’s Kiss

I see him dancing, pipe in hand,
Joyful, erotic, fun, and planned.
Dance of creation, dance of lust,
Dance of seduction, dance of fun.

Through the dales and over the hills,
Hoofs are prancing, music plays.
Lord of shepherds, lord of herds,
Of crops that grow and the life they bring.

Who gave a gift to the Huntress,
The Mistress of the Wild Hunt?
Who gave to fair Artemis and Diana brave,
Those snarling hunting dogs who hunt the mortals down?

Who won the battle for all the world,
For the new gods to triumph over the old?
Who inspired fear and inspired doubt,
In the Titans who loomed about it all?

Who ran and jumped and danced,
Across those forgotten hills?
Who brought the news to the thunder good,
Of the cave where Demeter hid?

Who thought to teach great Apollo,
The strange ways prophecy?
Who's oracle stood in Arcadia,
Long before Apollo's famed Delphi?

The ancient one, as old as the hills,
Who danced before an eternal fire.
Forever young, fairest of fair,
Goat horns on his head.

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