Saturday 1 October 2011

Renn Faire

Renn Faire
By Muninn's Kiss

Faerie wings and fox's tails,
Pan horns and leather bras,
Thronging people in thronging crowds,
Dancers dance and musicians play.

Tight hard leather and lots of skin,
Bodices, corsets, and lots of skin,
Furs, feathers, and lots of skin,
Showing, revealing, flirting, lust.

Pan dances as the dancers dance,
Bachus drinks as the drinkers drink,
Aphrodite spreads her legs,
Filled with lust as the people play.

Fun and laughter, dance and play,
Enjoying each other, enjoying the day,
Music and shouting, milling and food,
Golden throng and darkest moon.

Watching the people she feels at home,
Fair and hidden, shadow and light,
The Faerie Queen on a throne of bones,
The revelry worship, all for her.

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