Sunday, 8 July 2012

Rustles and Whispers in the Wind (2)

Rustles and Whispers in the Wind (2)
By Muninn's Kiss

Rustles and whispers in the wind,
Speak of secrets lost long ago,
Of power and might and holy fire,
Of crafting and training and hidden light,
Of creation, destruction, and all between,
The Aspen's rustle, the secret call,
All the secrets of the world,
Of Sun and Moon and Stars above,
Of Earth and Sky and Chthonic depths,
Of Sea and Mountains and Plains between,
Of Trees and Rocks and all the Beasts,
Of Iron and Copper and Stone and Wood,
Of all the secrets known to man,
And all that's lost beyond the pall,
What's known and forgotten and known once more,
Whispers to me in the moving leaves,
And all that is and all that was,
And all that could forever be,
Is there to hear by the truest heart,
Rustles and whispers in the wind.

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