Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Willow Moon

The Willow Moon
By Muninn's Kiss

The leaves are coming, slowly budding,
The Aspen catkins are long past gone,
But on each willow branch buds are forming,
Pussy willows stand and face the dawn.

A world reborn, each day grows older,
A thousand branches each reborn,
The willows wait in pools of water,
On banks and marshes, low but full.

The barron winter is long past gone,
New life that started from the thaw,
Each branch, each tip, each growing twig,
The pussy willow cotton has come again.

The Aspen Moon has fled the world,
The Willow full and full of life,
Soon it will go as all moons do,
And the Willow Moon a lost memory.

1 comment:

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