Sunday 15 April 2012

Infinite Webs of Fate and Time

Infinite Webs of Fate and Time
By Muninn's Kiss

At the centre of the web the spider sat,
And felt the wind blow by.
Each gust, each gale, rocked her web,
And she sat calmly by.
Each strand went out from where she sat,
She knew where each one went.
One for Fate and two for Time,
And three for everyone.
When each one spoke, when each one sang,
She knew from hence it came.
She listened calmly to the wind,
And listened to each strand.
Those that taught and those that learned,
And those that truly saw.
The web is many strands she knew,
But knew the web was one.
And the expanse of web around,
Began with just one thread.

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