Thursday 29 December 2011

Her Scars

Her Scars
By Muninn’s Kiss

She is not a spotless virgin
not a flawless bride
not without blemish
not young and in her prime.

Her scars are like canyons cut in her skin
the Grand Canyon
Zion Canyon
the Marianas Trench.

Her skin it ripples with stretch marks
like hills rising and falling
ridges and valleys
from the moment of plates.

In her sickness a fever rages
like wildfires and forest fires
grass fires and oil fires
burning away the sickness bringing new life.

She hasn’t shaved and seldom does
hair standing up on her skin
like trees and bushes and shrubs
uneven all different covering her skin.

Blood and puss bubble up from her skin
blood spewing forth like lava
flowing down the mountains of Hawaii
puss shooting forth like ash covering the land.

She is not spotless not flawless not young
but the scars of her age show her beauty
each scar a work of art adding to her perfection
Would we have the Earth any other way?

1 comment:

  1. We should see people, not the just the planet, the same way. I like the comparison.